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Success Stories

Are you curious about the way we approach customer projects? This media collection offers case studies, clients’ insights and more information on our work.

The struggle is real - better understand users

Unfortunately, novel collaboration systems or updates won’t be adopted and used automatically. At Cisco Live Barcelona, FRINK CEO Claudia Kaefer and Alexander Braumann, Sales Specialist at Cisco, discuss how user adoption can help organizations to make sure that everybody embraces the new tools, creating a network effect and ultimately a sense of unity among colleagues.

Signa powers a new Future of Work in Real Estate

Partnering with FRINK and AVA Robotics, and using Cisco Webex, Signa now offers customers a contactless, remote solution to connect with their agents and customize their experience to find their perfect home.

Workplace transformation: The new way of working

In this panel discussion at Cisco Live! Europe 2019 in Barcelona, Cisco GMs Sri Srinivasan and Vasili Triant talk workplace transformation with CMO & VP of Marketing Collaboration, Aruna Ravichandran. Our client SIGNA is represented by CIO Franz Hillebrand, sharing his experience with the impact of Cisco Collaboration technologies.

Faster business growth with collaboration adoption

We worked with SIGNA on the adoption of Cisco Spark to help their teams collaborate on projects and stay in contact across Europe. Projects now run faster and decisions are accelerated because geographical distances can be overcome technologically. Email traffic has dropped by two thirds, which means employees are also more productive.

User Adoption as a pillar of digitization processes

Wacker CDO/CIO Dirk Ramhorst shares his expierence with the role and importance of User Adoption in a Cisco TV interview during Cisco Live Europe 2018. Acceptance and higher usage lead to an increased value for the company and successful IT projects don‘t end with the rollout.

Innovative IT solutions in a fast-developing market

In order to stay ahead of their competition, real-estate developer SIGNA turns to innovative methods that enable mobility as well as flexibility. We have helped them find the right tool that lives up to their demands and is so intuitive in its usage that collaboration has become easier and more effective.