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Frink Advanced Services
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Frink Collaboration Services
We enable collaboration + communication solutions for enterprises
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What we do
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We are a boutique Cisco partner focusing on unified communication solutions. Our field of activities ranges from standard needs to specific customer requests.

We set up telephone systems and deploy videoconferencing, WebEx and Spark projects.

But what we go really crazy about are the “everyone-said-it-is-impossible” initiatives: marrying customer’s in-house software APIs with Cisco functions, integrating bots into their existing infrastructure and creating solutions that are 100% tailored to our customers’ needs.

It is also important for us to set the right expectations for our clients: we are neither reselling hardware on a large scale nor are we going to compete in huge international tenders.

We are a small, but highly specialized team working on advanced collaboration services. And we love what we do.
Our Cisco Partner status demands a high level of knowledge and a substantial number of certificates. Besides our “Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization” and “Premier Certificates”, we are the first and only certified Acano Partner in Austria.

We are lucky enough to have a high ratio of Cisco engineers compared to the number of employees:
One-size-fits-all is not our business: IT infrastructures are as diverse as the haircuts of our clients. In the past, we saw plenty of projects failing because the organizational change caused by new IT systems was neglected or hardly ever addressed properly.

We feel that it is our responsibility to provide optimum usability and customized solutions to ensure a high and fast user adoption rate as well as making it easy for managers to justify their IT spending.
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We think that our compact company size is an asset for our technical excellence for multiple reasons:
Download CASE STUDY #1
Frink_case study 1.pdf
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Frink_case study 2.pdf
Download CASE STUDY #3
Frink_case study 3.pdf
  • Our engineers coordinate activities around upgrades, releases and most importantly, problem solving.

  • Any new version, release or security update is discussed weekly in the Frink Tech Talk by our engineers to deploy the best available solutions with our clients.

  • How often do you get a CCIE to pick up your service support hotline? Right, this way we are not only highly qualified to solve your problem, we are also significantly faster in doing so.
Together we compiled 30 years of collaboration experiences in any kind of industry: from automotive to governmental, manufacturing and retail to banking & insurances.

To ensure fast user adoption and optimum usability, we focus on three cornerstones: technology, human factors and business impact. Thus, by combining the technical with the human factor, we can prevent failure and create great business impact. How we do that? We take our client’s individual business model and their respective needs into account when we design collaboration systems.
  • 3 people with a Cisco CCIEs
  • 2 people with a CCNA and
  • 1 fantastic IPMA certified project manager.

Frink User Adoption
We provide implementation, training and support for collaboration solutions
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What we do?
How we do it?
Why do we do it?
How do you benefit?
Imagine you buy a pair of skis but decide not to waste time on skiing lessons or money on an outfit. Well, your expectations may be high but you will not own the hills like Marcel Hirscher and after falling for the 10th time, your skis will probably end up in your basement facing a rather dusty existence.

According to research, the example above applies to about 68% of employees/users when a new IT system is deployed. Seems like a rather expensive and inefficient enterprise, right? Truth is, whenever an enterprise is investing in a new product, a form of briefing is required to optimize the performance, a so-called User Adoption. To make this process as smooth as possible, we take our client’s business model and their needs into account when we design collaboration systems.

A fast and full User Adoption will not only benefit your business’ productivity but also enhance the employee’s satisfaction.
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In our experience, a company always assumes: “every technology will be adopted and used automatically by each user”. In contrast, our experiences are:
We developed a simple survey method to identify user groups inside companies where deploying a technology can be expected to be smooth or exceptionally tricky. We called it the Usability-Board and it simplifies the complex task of putting together a “user adoption strategy”.

Depending on customers’ needs we can provide the board, consult them on the evaluation phase or provide support with implementation. Basically, this service is covered by the human factors of our company and we are eager to explore the differences and facilitate the process between:
First of all, we usually take over a part that is somewhat popular as Cinderella was with her stepmum. Besides, the impact of our service offers additional goodies:
Example Frink Usability Board:
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We make sure that those users who can make good sense out of a new technology get all information and support to use it properly. More concrete: we accompany customers on their journey when deploying a new technology.

We get active when it comes to internal target groups and their need for information and training. We even developed a new product to support these needs, our Frink Collaboration Academy. But that’s another story and is told here.
  • Not every technology is suitable for every user (task-relevancy)

  • Not every technology will be used to the extent planned (usage-relevancy)

  • Not every technology feature is relevant for each user (feature-relevancy)

  • Not every technology is in line with the user’s expectations (perceived usefulness)
To provide an user adoption we need to find out about the client's strengths, weaknesses, tasks and characteristics. With the aid of a survey we collect those information and customise the user adoption to specific needs.
  • “user transition” (from 0 to WebEx) to
  • “user adoption” (integrating the new DX80 into a user’s daily business life) via
  • “user substitution” (from WhatsApp to Cisco Spark)
  • Your ROI will look differently afterwards (hint: nicer!).

  • Less service desk tickets because users are better supported before a ticket can evolve.

  • Better reputation as IT department because business model and users have been taken into account.

  • Increased productivity since employees are able to operate more efficiently and therefore you are getting work done a lot faster.