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[SOLUTION #3] Frink Turnkey SSO
One password on all devices
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Typical customer needs
You want to simplify your login process and would consider a packaged integration of Cisco Collaboration into your SSO environment. You are aware that Cisco offers a flexible SAML solution; the implementation of a SAML IDP is often complicated and prone to errors.

Typical target group
- IT managers who want to provide a consistent user experience and who need to avoid tickets caused by password/login troubles.

- Setup fee
- Monthly maintenance service available

- On premise

Product status
Ready for you
Product features
- Customized, based on ADFS or OpenAM
- Turnkey Solution with no SAML know-how needed
- Optimized for various scenarios (Win/Mac/Mobile)
- Operations package available
- Integration of both: cloud and on premise solutions
“Single Sign On” (SSO) is essential to facilitate customer’s experience with collaboration applications and to avoid costly tickets and issues caused by duplicating passwords.
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