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[SOLUTION #2] Frink Collaboration Academy
Bringing collaboration to users
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Typical customer needs
You are about to -or you have recently introduced- a new collaboration technology and you want to make sure your adoption rate is high. You also want your users to feel confident with the new technology, as it will likely reduce incident tickets and, therefore, your amount of work as well.

Typical target group
- You are an IT manager and you are keen on enabling users to manage and be able to handle things themselves.
- You are a business line manager and want customized trainings for your organization.

- Annual license

- On clients server

Product status
Ready for you
Product features
- ACROSS TECHNOLOGY: the Collaboration Academy is available for any kind of Cisco collaboration technology (WebEx, Telepresence, Jabber, Spark, Telephones etc.).

- GAMIFICATION: if you expect a 300page manual – we are sorry! We offer quizzes, checkups, assessments, cheat sheets and first-aid kits designed for each relevant collaboration technology.

- AUTOMATIC UPGRADES: the online resources grow with the relevant technologies and will be automatically updated, expanded and made available to your organization.

- TAILORED TRAININGS: trainings are based on four different job roles and focus on what your co-workers will need the most when working with collaboration technology.
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Various training resources are available online and enable collaboration users to get a quick start with the new technology. On demand, traditional training sessions are also offered.
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