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[CASE STUDY #3] Video collaboration for global teams
Allow high-quality collaboration for globally distributed video teams
Tags: Frink  services  Human Factors  Business Factors  Tech Factors  usability  jabber  video endpoint  video conference  online resources  big data  cloud  webex  video  media & publishing  B2B 
TECH FACTOR A solution based on CMR Hybrid and a virtual Cisco Telepresence Server was built. vTS allows up to 1080p30 for content sharing, therefore fulfilling the clients requirement. As endpoints Cisco MX and SX series were chosen. Moreover, CMR Hybrid allowed to reuse the same conference ID for all meetings, making connections simple.
HUMAN FACTOR Usability changed significantly since sharing video content is now a „plug and play“ and high quality process. Previous solutions needed fiddling with local resolutions as well as special drivers and therefore caused a lot of IT support but also frustration. Overall, the real-time nature of video sharing is retained and allows collaborative discussions.
BUSINESS FACTOR The client was enabled to work more efficiently with distributed teams, allowing a better staffing model. Additionally, the decision process for managing content was speeded up as screening content became accessible to the entire team in a user-friendly way.
Client strategic goals
The client wished for its distributed teams to be able to screen video content collaboratively and simultaneously across multiple sites and continents. In other words: the team needed to be enabled to watch videos together whilst being still visible to each other on the video conference screen. The input of the video content needed to be as simple as possible to avoid delays and complications.
Client Requirements
The client wished for high quality of both primary and content video, as well as full 30fps & HD transmission of video content. Last but not least, the client requested the integration of both jabber clients and WebEx.