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[LESSON #1] IT class with Dr. Frink
Lesson 1: learn about CISCO, cloud, collaboration, CMR, ExpressWay, Proximity, Speaker Track, SSO, video
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This is a tricky one. Whilst the Head of Marketing refers to "Customer Managed-Relations“ when
using CMR, in the IT industry it means "Collaboration Meeting Room" and is a Cisco cloud based video conferencing service which combines your personal Webex Meeting Room with the cloud-based Webex Video Services.

No - this is not a request for a first class train ticket or a controlled-access highway. Cisco ExpressWay enables users outside the companies firewalls a secure access to their collaboration equipment.

Don't panic! Your IT manager is not aksing you for taking your relationship to the next level. Cisco Intelligent Proximity is a service that can be used in two different ways:
* Mobile Voice: allows a user to connect to their Cisco 88XX or Cisco DX endpoints with their mobile phone via bluetooth and synchronise their contacts as well as switch the voice from their mobile phone to their deskphones.
* Content Sharing: once a user is near to a Cisco Video Endpoint (MX and SX Series) the user can pair his phone with the Video Endpoint and is able to control a video conference or share content from the mobile phones.

Speaker Track
Speaker Track is a term used in video conferences to see the speaker in a close up view on the conference displays. In other words: the camera follows the person that is currently speaking in the meeting.
SSO is not the IT version for SOS but the short form for "Single Sign On" – a very useful product that enables a user to login to multiple applications with a single login process. An example: when you login to your computer you dont have to re-enter your credentials to start your Cisco Jabber Client. Advantages: saving time and no more forgotten password dramas. PS: SSO is also available at Frink Advanced Services.
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